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Why TurkeyVision ?
Our approach to the travel industry is unlike other companies that spread themselves over many types of travel, TurkeyVision is focused on guided travelling based on personalized services. We read Specialization as;

In-depth Knowledge - The trade-off between larger choices of travel products is an in-depth knowledge of a travel type. We know how guided tours are processed/run.This knowledge allowes us to provide a greater travelling opportunity for you. From group travel to individual travel, land expeditions to sea expeditions, or a little bit of both,we can plan the best trip for your taste and budget.
TurkeyVision does not follow beaten paths; it creates new ones.
Quality Control - As a result of experience in the business, we not only plan the best trips, but make sure we deliver what we promise. Every phase of our tours take place under the guidance of seasoned travel experts: our English speaking tour guides as well as our field managers are always only a phone call away.
Wider choices - Weekly departures throughout the year, more than 20 escorted tours, regional packages, fly & drive programs, many different cruises and the ability to customize according to one's taste.

We simply offer the widest choice for guided travel.

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