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Hotels in Turkey

Kusadasi Centre-VilleKorumar HotelBeach Hotel5 starsDetailReservation
Korumar Hotel

One of the most beautiful views of the Aegean Sea and stunning presantation close to the city

Built into the rock, the Korumar has tiered gardens, cobbled pathways, and beautiful sea views. It offers combination of style, upscale accommodation, and modern facilities. The hotel is located by the sea, just a mile away from the center of Kusadasi and 11 miles from Ephesus.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Parc ViewApr.01.2017May.09.2017All Inclusive67,001,0060,00
Parc ViewMay.10.2017Jul.18.2017All Inclusive109,5052,5097,67
Parc ViewJul.19.2017Aug.22.2017All Inclusive122,0061,00109,33
Parc ViewAug.23.2017Sep.12.2017All Inclusive109,5052,5097,67
Parc ViewSep.13.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive112,0054,00100,67
Parc ViewOct.01.2017Oct.10.2017All Inclusive91,5044,5082,00
Parc ViewOct.11.2017Oct.30.2017All Inclusive67,001,0060,00
Sea ViewApr.01.2017May.09.2017All Inclusive74,5074,5066,67
Sea ViewMay.10.2017Jul.18.2017All Inclusive116,00116,00104,00
Sea ViewJul.19.2017Aug.22.2017All Inclusive129,00129,00116,00
Sea ViewAug.23.2017Sep.12.2017All Inclusive116,00116,00104,00
Sea ViewSep.13.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive119,00119,00106,67
Sea ViewOct.01.2017Oct.10.2017All Inclusive98,5098,5089,00
Sea ViewOct.11.2017Oct.30.2017All Inclusive74,5074,5066,67
Room TypePromotion DateDiscount
Parc ViewMay.01.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Parc ViewMay.01.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Parc ViewMay.01.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Sea ViewMay.01.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Sea ViewMay.01.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Sea ViewMay.01.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Parc ViewJun.05.2017 to Jun.12.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Parc ViewJun.05.2017 to Jun.12.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Parc ViewJun.05.2017 to Jun.12.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Sea ViewJun.05.2017 to Jun.12.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Sea ViewJun.05.2017 to Jun.12.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Sea ViewJun.05.2017 to Jun.12.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Parc ViewOct.09.2017 to Oct.29.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Parc ViewOct.09.2017 to Oct.29.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Parc ViewOct.09.2017 to Oct.29.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Sea ViewOct.09.2017 to Oct.29.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Sea ViewOct.09.2017 to Oct.29.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Sea ViewOct.09.2017 to Oct.29.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Kusadasi Ephesia Holiday Beach ClubHoliday Village4 starsDetailReservation
Ephesia Holiday Beach Club

Minimum Stay : 5 nights
"Situated along the Aegean coast, Ephesia Holiday Beach Club offers a private sandy beach, 5 swimming pools and 2 big waterslides. The property includes 3 restaurants, a spa centre and air-conditioned rooms. "

There is a lunapark for 0-12 ages, and also a mini club for 3-9 ages. The rooms are tastefully decorated to create a comfortable setting. All rooms come with a balcony or terrace and some of them feature stunning views of the sea. Delicious dishes of Italian cuisine can be enjoyed at La Veranda whereas Turkish and international cuisines are served by the Sunset Restaurant. The bars offer a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and fruit cocktails.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Standard land viewApr.28.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive43,0021,0033,00
Standard land viewMay.21.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive54,0028,0041,33
Standard land viewJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive62,5031,5047,67
Standard land viewJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive76,0038,0058,00
Standard land viewJul.02.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive91,5046,5085,00
Standard land viewJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive119,0060,00111,00
Standard land viewAug.27.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive91,5046,5085,00
Standard land viewSep.10.2017Sep.23.2017All Inclusive76,0038,0058,00
Standard land viewSep.24.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive54,0028,0041,33
Standard land viewOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive43,0021,0033,00
Standard sea viewApr.28.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive47,0023,0036,00
Standard sea viewMay.21.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive58,5029,5044,67
Standard sea viewJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive67,0034,0051,33
Standard sea viewJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive80,0040,0061,33
Standard sea viewJul.02.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive95,5048,5089,33
Standard sea viewJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive123,0063,00114,67
Standard sea viewAug.27.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive95,5048,5089,33
Standard sea viewSep.10.2017Sep.23.2017All Inclusive80,0040,0061,33
Standard sea viewSep.24.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive58,5029,5044,67
Standard sea viewOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive47,0023,0036,00
Family Land viewApr.28.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive49,5049,5033,00
Family Land viewMay.21.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive62,0062,0041,33
Family Land viewJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive71,5071,5047,67
Family Land viewJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive87,0087,0058,00
Family Land viewJul.02.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive127,50127,5085,00
Family Land viewJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive166,50166,50111,00
Family Land viewAug.27.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive127,50127,5085,00
Family Land viewSep.10.2017Sep.23.2017All Inclusive87,0087,0058,00
Family Land viewSep.24.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive62,0062,0041,33
Family Land viewOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive49,5049,5033,00
Family Sea viewApr.28.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive54,0054,0036,00
Family Sea viewMay.21.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive67,0067,0044,67
Family Sea viewJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive77,0077,0051,33
Family Sea viewJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive92,0092,0061,33
Family Sea viewJul.02.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive134,00134,0089,33
Family Sea viewJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive172,00172,00114,67
Family Sea viewAug.27.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive134,00134,0089,33
Family Sea viewSep.10.2017Sep.23.2017All Inclusive92,0092,0061,33
Family Sea viewSep.24.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive67,0067,0044,67
Family Sea viewOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive54,0054,0036,00
Room TypePromotion DateDiscount
Family Sea viewApr.28.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Family Land viewApr.28.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Standard sea viewApr.28.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Standard land viewApr.28.2017 to May.08.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Family Sea viewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Family Land viewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Standard sea viewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Standard land viewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Kusadasi Aqua Fantasy HotelBeach Hotel5 starsDetailReservation
Aqua Fantasy Hotel

''On the Pamucak Beach surrounded with pine forests, this 5-star resort has an extensive water park and 7 restaurants. Relaxation options include a spa with Turkish hammam and sauna. Free Wi-Fi is accessible at the Wi-Fi hot spot.''

Minimum stay: 7 nights

All rooms are located in the main building: 354 Select rooms, 4 rooms for handicapped guests, 8 The rooms at the Aqua Fantasy are bright and modern. They all include private balconies and work desks. Each has tea-and-coffee-making facilities.Guests at the Aqua Fantasy Aqupark Hotel & Spa can enjoy a range of massages or relax in the hot tub. For younger guests, there is a range of water slides and children's pools, as well as a playground. Mario's Restaurant has a dining menu and serves Italian specialties, and the Mandarine Gourmet offers exotic Asian dishes. Other on-site restaurants serve Turkish cuisine, fresh seafood and steaks.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Club RoomApr.23.2017May.13.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Club RoomMay.14.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive83,0042,0074,67
Club RoomJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive94,5047,5085,00
Club RoomJun.18.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive113,5057,50101,33
Club RoomJun.25.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive126,0064,00113,33
Club RoomJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive152,0076,00137,00
Club RoomAug.27.2017Sep.02.2017All Inclusive126,0064,00113,33
Club RoomSep.03.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive113,5057,50101,33
Club RoomSep.10.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive94,5047,5085,00
Club RoomSep.17.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive83,0042,0074,67
Club RoomOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Club Family RoomApr.23.2017May.13.2017All Inclusive64,0064,0057,67
Club Family RoomMay.14.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive89,0089,0079,67
Club Family RoomJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive100,00100,0090,00
Club Family RoomJun.18.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive120,00120,00108,00
Club Family RoomJun.25.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive134,50134,50121,33
Club Family RoomJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive159,00159,00143,33
Club Family RoomAug.27.2017Sep.02.2017All Inclusive134,50134,50121,33
Club Family RoomSep.03.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive120,00120,00108,00
Club Family RoomSep.10.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive100,00100,0090,00
Club Family RoomSep.17.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive89,0089,0079,67
Club Family RoomOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive64,0064,0057,67
World RoomApr.23.2017May.13.2017All Inclusive64,0064,0057,67
World RoomMay.14.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive89,0089,0079,67
World RoomJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive100,00100,0090,00
World RoomJun.18.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive120,00120,00108,00
World RoomJun.25.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive134,50134,50121,33
World RoomJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive159,00159,00143,33
World RoomAug.27.2017Sep.02.2017All Inclusive134,50134,50121,33
World RoomSep.03.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive120,00120,00108,00
World RoomSep.10.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive100,00100,0090,00
World RoomSep.17.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive89,0089,0079,67
World RoomOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive64,0064,0057,67
World Family RoomApr.23.2017May.13.2017All Inclusive70,0070,0063,00
World Family RoomMay.14.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive94,5094,5085,00
World Family RoomJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive109,50109,5097,67
World Family RoomJun.18.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive127,50127,50114,67
World Family RoomJun.25.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive143,50143,50129,00
World Family RoomJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive166,50166,50149,33
World Family RoomAug.27.2017Sep.02.2017All Inclusive143,50143,50129,00
World Family RoomSep.03.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive127,50127,50114,67
World Family RoomSep.10.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive109,50109,5097,67
World Family RoomSep.17.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive94,5094,5085,00
World Family RoomOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive70,0070,0063,00
Superior RoomApr.23.2017May.13.2017All Inclusive67,0067,0060,00
Superior RoomMay.14.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive91,5091,5082,00
Superior RoomJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive106,00106,0095,33
Superior RoomJun.18.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive125,00125,00111,67
Superior RoomJun.25.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive140,00140,00126,67
Superior RoomJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive163,50163,50147,33
Superior RoomAug.27.2017Sep.02.2017All Inclusive140,00140,00126,67
Superior RoomSep.03.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive125,00125,00111,67
Superior RoomSep.10.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive106,00106,0095,33
Superior RoomSep.17.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive91,5091,5082,00
Superior RoomOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive67,0067,0060,00
Room TypePromotion DateDiscount
Club RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Club RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Club RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Club Family RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Club Family RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Club Family RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
World RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
World RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
World RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
World Family RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
World Family RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
World Family RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Superior RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Superior RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Superior RoomMay.07.2017 to May.13.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Club RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Club RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Club RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Club Family RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Club Family RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Club Family RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
World RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
World RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
World RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
World Family RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
World Family RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
World Family RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Superior RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Superior RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Superior RoomSep.24.2017 to Sep.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Kusadasi Ephesia HotelBeach Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Ephesia Hotel

All kinds of comfort has been thought for you in advance to enable the guests have a convenient vacation.

Ephesia Hotel which is a four star hotel is located on the longest beach of Turkey and Kusadasi in the midst of an extraordinary nature 7 kilometers to the city center. A sunset one would never get tired of watching. The activities that will never leave you alone throughout the day, entertainment through animations, a holiday full of joy, or a few serene days at a silent corner of our deep green garden by yourself.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.21.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive40,0011,0035,67
StandardMay.21.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive48,0024,0043,33
StandardJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive55,5028,5049,67
StandardJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive67,0034,0060,00
StandardJul.02.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive71,0036,0063,67
StandardJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive87,0044,0078,67
StandardAug.27.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive71,0036,0063,67
StandardSep.10.2017Sep.23.2017All Inclusive67,0034,0060,00
StandardSep.24.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive48,0024,0043,33
StandardOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive40,0011,0035,67
Sea ViewApr.21.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive46,0012,0041,33
Sea ViewMay.21.2017Jun.03.2017All Inclusive54,0028,0048,00
Sea ViewJun.04.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Sea ViewJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive73,5036,5065,67
Sea ViewJul.02.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive77,5039,5070,00
Sea ViewJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive93,0047,0084,00
Sea ViewAug.27.2017Sep.09.2017All Inclusive77,5039,5070,00
Sea ViewSep.10.2017Sep.23.2017All Inclusive73,5036,5065,67
Sea ViewSep.24.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive54,0028,0048,00
Sea ViewOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive46,0012,0041,33
Room TypePromotion DateDiscount
Sea ViewApr.21.2017 to Apr.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 5.
Sea ViewApr.21.2017 to Apr.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 10.
Sea ViewApr.21.2017 to Apr.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 15.
StandardApr.21.2017 to Apr.30.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 5.
StandardApr.21.2017 to Apr.30.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 10.
StandardApr.21.2017 to Apr.30.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 15.
Sea ViewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
Sea ViewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
Sea ViewOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
StandardOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 7 nights, pay 6.
StandardOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 14 nights, pay 12.
StandardOct.15.2017 to Oct.31.2017Stay 21 nights, pay 18.
Kusadasi Centre-VilleMarina HotelCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Marina Hotel

Urban and lively two steps away from Kusadasi Marina, an ideal spot for relaxing getaway

This hotel is located in Kusadasi City Centre and 500m from the beach, with a wonderful view overlooking the marina and pigeon island. The hotel is extremely inviting, the lobby is stylishly and comfortably furnished, a very pleasant place to sit and relax. The rooms here are exceptionally fine with modern decor and furnishings.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017Apr.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner35,0023,0031,67
StandardMay.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner40,0024,0035,67
StandardJun.01.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner44,0026,0039,33
StandardJul.01.2017Aug.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner51,0032,0046,00
StandardSep.01.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner44,0026,0039,33
StandardOct.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner35,0023,0031,67
Kusadasi Palm Wings Beach ResortBeach Resort5 starsDetailReservation
Palm Wings Beach Resort

"Located on the seafront, Palm Wings Kusadasi Beach Resort&Spa offers a private sandy beach with free sun loungers and parasols. The resort has an outdoor pool, and a spa and wellness centre with a sauna and a Turkish bath. "

There are 346 rooms. Featuring carpeted floors, the elegant rooms of Palm Wings Kusadasi include a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, minibar and a private bathroom. They all have a balcony with garden views. The resort offers 24-hour all-inclusive service. The main restaurant serves dishes from international cuisine in open buffet style. A children's buffet is also available. The à la carte restaurants offer Italian and Turkish cuisine, and seafood. There are also 5 bars on site. Kusadasi city centre is 16 km from Palm Wings Kusadasi Beach Resort&Spa. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 80 km away.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.29.2017May.06.2017All Inclusive47,0023,0042,00
StandardMay.07.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive51,0027,0046,00
StandardMay.21.2017Jun.10.2017All Inclusive65,5034,5058,67
StandardJun.11.2017Jun.23.2017All Inclusive90,0045,0081,00
StandardJun.24.2017Jul.15.2017All Inclusive93,0047,0083,67
StandardJul.16.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive107,5054,5096,00
StandardAug.27.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive90,0045,0081,00
StandardSep.17.2017Oct.07.2017All Inclusive65,5034,5058,67
StandardOct.08.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive47,0023,0042,00
IzmirKordon Hotel CankayaCity Hotel5 starsDetailReservation
Kordon Hotel Cankaya

"With the opening date planned for 2017, Kordon Hotel Çankaya will welcome its guests and will offer a comfortable and stylish accommodation. All details have been considered and designed to make our dear guests feel at home in Kordon Hotel Çankaya."

There will be a total of 170 rooms, 165 deluxe rooms and 5 suites. The hotel will also offer facilities for your pleasure: two separate dry and steam saunas, a swimming pool, a massage parlor and a gym to help you relax and rejuvenate. The banquet space will include various samples of European and Mediterranean cuisine prepared by the experienced and innovative chefs of the hotel. The banquet hall with a capacity of 300 people will cater to all your meeting requests perfectly. There will also be three additional meeting rooms set up for training sessions and small size seminars. The night club will host the most special jazz and live concert performances in town.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleInnova SultanahmetCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Innova Sultanahmet

''Welcome to the heart of historical Istanbul. The core of the Capital of two successive civilizations awaits you.''

Newly opened, a short walk from the main means of transport and fifteen minutes walk from the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, St. Sophia and many local restaurants ... Its 74 rooms are beautiful, comfortable and decorated in earth tones. They are all equipped with air conditioning, free internet, flat screen TV ... It also has a meeting room, room service 24/24, a wellness center, sauna and massage services.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleHotellinoB&B HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation

''Waking up in Hotellino's cozy rooms, equipped with advanced technological facilities, our guests can start their day peacefully with an authentic Turkish breakfast. Besides the well-known classical touristic spots, you can discover the city's natural face with Hotellino's suggested places, restaurants and cafes.''

A new concept at the heart of the old city, located at the heart of the historical old city, Hotellino is only a short walking distance away from the main historical beauties - Haghia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, The Grand Bazaar and The Spice Bazaar. Presenting services of the highest level, Hotellino to make our guests feel at home, at the same time wanting our guests to make the most of the city's magical vibe. We wish to lighten the tiredness of the city's discovery, and facilitate our guests' journey.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Nouv. VilleThe Public Occidental HotelCity HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
The Public Occidental  Hotel

" Located in the very heart of Taksim, The Public Hotel Istanbul is set in a historic building designed by the famous architect Hovsep Aznavur in 1901. It is also on lively Istiklal Street, housing numerous cafés, restaurants, malls and art galleries. Free WiFi access is available in all areas of the accommodation. "

The units of The Public Hotel Istanbul feature a contemporary design with fireclay bricks and gray stone walls and modern and retro furniture. Each has air conditioning, minibar and a flat-screen satellite TV with Blu-ray player and a DVD player. Coffee machine and electric kettle are also provided. Featuring a shower, private bathroom also comes with a hairdryer and free toiletries. At The Public Hotel Istanbul you will find a 24-hour front desk, providing room service. Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services are offered at a surcharge. There is also a gift shop on site. You can take Taksim metro, within a short walk, to g

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Superior TerraceApr.17.2017May.18.2017Breakfast69,0055,0061,33
Superior TerraceMay.19.2017May.21.2017Breakfast83,5070,5071,00
Superior TerraceMay.22.2017May.31.2017Breakfast69,0055,0061,33
Superior TerraceJun.01.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast62,0048,0053,00
Superior TerraceJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast80,0067,0071,67
Junior SuiteApr.17.2017May.18.2017Breakfast83,5070,50N/A
Junior SuiteMay.19.2017May.21.2017Breakfast98,0084,00N/A
Junior SuiteMay.22.2017May.31.2017Breakfast83,5070,50N/A
Junior SuiteJun.01.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast77,0061,00N/A
Junior SuiteJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast94,5079,50N/A
Junior S. TerraceApr.17.2017May.18.2017Breakfast91,0076,00N/A
Junior S. TerraceMay.19.2017May.21.2017Breakfast105,0091,00N/A
Junior S. TerraceMay.22.2017May.31.2017Breakfast91,0076,00N/A
Junior S. TerraceJun.01.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast83,5070,50N/A
Junior S. TerraceJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast101,5087,50N/A
Grand J.SuiteApr.17.2017May.18.2017Breakfast260,00260,00188,67
Grand J.SuiteMay.19.2017May.21.2017Breakfast274,50274,50198,67
Grand J.SuiteMay.22.2017May.31.2017Breakfast260,00260,00188,67
Grand J.SuiteJun.01.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast217,50217,50156,00
Grand J.SuiteJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast217,50217,50162,67
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleSultaniaCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation

''The ambience of Hotel Sultania is early seventeen hundreds but its amenities are thoroughly next-century. Be sure to make plans to come and stay with us. You will embark on a journey from the Ottoman Era to the Future. ''

"Become a sultan and/or sultana during your stay and enjoy the charm through the history ." This hotel is a place where time stops, where there are sets of yesteryear in an ambience of yesteryear while maintaining comfort. Everything is organized to immerse yourself in a cozy atmosphere when you just walk in. The property is exceptionally short walk from the Topkapi Palace, Gulhane Park and other monuments of the historic district, serves in 42 deluxe rooms.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
DeluxeApr.17.2017May.26.2017Breakfast & Dinner113,0047,00103,67
DeluxeMay.27.2017Jun.27.2017Breakfast & Dinner94,5036,5087,00
DeluxeJun.28.2017Jul.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner105,0042,0095,67
DeluxeAug.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner113,0047,00103,67
DeluxeNov.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner105,0042,0095,67
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleGrand YavuzCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Grand Yavuz

''Grand Yavuz is a comfortable Istanbul Hotel That combines elegance and luxury. Grand Yavuz Hotel's 111 newly renovated bedrooms and suit offers a unique and unforgettable Istanbul experience.''

4star property in walking distance to GrandBazaar and BlueMosque-HagiaSophia. The elegantly furnished rooms provide hig comfort to guests with spacious bathrooms, some equiped with shower or bathtub.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.19.2017May.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner58,5036,5055,67
StandardJun.01.2017Aug.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner55,0033,0053,33
StandardSep.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner62,0040,0058,00
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleAlzerCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation

''if this is your first trip to Istanbul, you are about to discover a very special hotel with warm, friendly staff, quiet and comfortable rooms, perfect location, and a magnificent breakfast. If you are returning to Alzer Hotel, welcome back! ''

The Alzer is the only hotel located on the Byzantine Hippodrome, in the heart of the history, facing the Blue Mosque and 5 minutes walk from St. Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar. You will experience the atmosphere of an old Ottoman house renovated, combined with contemporary comfort and traditional Turkish hospitality.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleAmberCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation

«Hotel is set in the oldest and most colorful district of Istanbul, which is still a functioning fishing village.»

Hotel is in walking distance from the Sultanahmet Square with Istanbul's most famous Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. The hotel's building is held in Ottoman style, newly renovated and offers an authentic athmosphere for a lovely quiet get away for all kind of travelers. Hotel have 24 rooms.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleArenaCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation

"This hotel is an excellent example of a 19th Century Ottoman stone house. The owner was born here. She has restored and decorated it to give guests a glimpse into the Istanbul of yester year... Best recommendation among of istanbul hotels. "

Special Class hotel walking away to The BlueMosque with charming rooms of Ottoman era mansion that leave special remarks of the guests once stay. The breakfast is another phenomena.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.17.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner74,0040,0063,33
StandardNov.16.2017Dec.28.2017Breakfast & Dinner59,0029,0055,67
Quenn SuiteApr.17.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast65,5065,5043,67
Quenn SuiteNov.16.2017Dec.28.2017Breakfast51,0051,0034,00
Sultan CornerApr.17.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast65,5065,5043,67
Sultan CornerNov.16.2017Dec.28.2017Breakfast51,0051,0034,00
Imperial SuiteApr.17.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast76,0076,0050,67
Imperial SuiteNov.16.2017Dec.28.2017Breakfast59,0059,0039,33
Family RoomApr.17.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast86,0086,0057,33
Family RoomNov.16.2017Dec.28.2017Breakfast69,0069,0046,00
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleEmpire Palace BWCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Empire Palace BW

A real value just minutes from major landmarks of Istanbul

The hotel is in the heart of the old city, walking distance to all major historical and interesting places. Built in the 17th century, this hotel is an Ottoman house set 400 meters from the domes and minarets of the Blue Mosque. Sumptuous burgundy fabrics and dark wood furniture characterize the rooms. Turkish baths are offered in the sauna and steam room, both decorated with Turkish tiles in intricate patterns.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleErbilCity Hotel3 starsDetailReservation

"You will enjoy the historical perspective of Don't be suprised if you experience a miracle in this spiritual part of the world. It is as mytical as a distant song. In Sirkeci you will be neighbour to the Sultans, hear the sound of the magical old days, and breathe the smell of the past just a few steps away."

A moderate city hotel with all amenities for comfort of city travellers. Very convenient location in Istanbul, located in Sirkeci, just minutes away from the city's most beautiful historical sites and transport links such as bus, ferry, tram and train. The hotel is 500m away from the Grand Bazaar and Suleymaniye Mosque and 300m from sites such as Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardMar.15.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner59,0019,0053,00
Family RoomMar.15.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast55,5055,5037,00
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleErboyCity Hotel3 starsDetailReservation

“Surrounded by history.”

Erboy Hotel is located on the Historical Peninsula and in walking distance to major historical areas, museums, shopping centers and public transportation.The hotel contains 108 rooms and has one panoramic terrace restaurant, an indoor restaurant and blues bar.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Nouv. VilleGolden AgeCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Golden Age

"We are located in an ideal location for your business and touristic visits."

Talimhane, Taksim is the cultural and shopping center of Ýstanbul. It is only in 10-15 min walking distance to Lütfi Kýrdar Congress Center and Niþantaþý, the luxurious shopping district. Since it is very close to the Metro Station, it is possible to access all famous shopping malls in Ýstanbul.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleIlkayCity Hotel3 starsDetailReservation

"Welcome to the ilkay Hotel."

The Hotel is located on the historical peninsula also known as "The Old City." Just a few minutes walking distance to major historical areas including; Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Gulhane Park, Baslica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Eminonu Port. The hotel contains 60 rooms all of which have a bathroom, direct dial telephone, hair dryer and TV. There is a western bar and restaurant.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Standard RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast35,0019,0033,00
Standard RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast32,0019,0031,33
Standard RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast29,0016,0029,00
Standard RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast32,0019,0031,33
Standard RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast29,0016,0029,00
Standard RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast35,0019,0033,00
Family RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast57,0057,0038,00
Family RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast54,0054,0036,00
Family RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast51,0051,0034,00
Family RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast54,0054,0036,00
Family RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast51,0051,0034,00
Family RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast57,0057,0038,00
IstanbulEurope - Nouv. VilleIstiklal Palas DemirorenCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Istiklal Palas Demiroren

" Right on the lively Istiklal Avenue, this stylish hotel was designed by Philippe Starck. Mama Shelter Istanbul features chic rooms with modern amenities, 24-hour front desk service and free Wi-Fi. Taksim Square is just a quarter mile away."

Featuring contemporary interiors, the rooms of Mama Shelter Istanbul include an LED TV, air conditioning, safe and a minibar. They all have a terrace, and a private bathroom with a rain shower and free toiletries.Breakfast is served as an open buffet each morning. There is also a sit-down restaurant and a bar with a unique décor at the property.Airport transportation and dry cleaning services can be provided upon request, for an additional fee. Istiklal Avenue includes numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and art galleries, as well as the famous Cicek Passage.Taksim Metro Station is just over a quarter mile from the property and Lutfi Kirdar Convention Centre is within 1.6 km of the property. The

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Luxe RoomOct.01.2016Oct.31.2017Breakfast29,5015,50N/A
Deluxe RoomOct.01.2016Oct.31.2017Breakfast37,5021,50N/A
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleOrient ExpressCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Orient Express

"A legendary name, a hotel conveniently located: The key to most pleasantly stay in the city of cities."

The hotel is located within the old city, close to sites and important museums. Its name comes from the nostalgic train Orient Express which had hosted many kings, princes and statesmen to Istanbul. The hotel reflects the atmosphere of this period.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleRamada Istanbul - Grand BazarCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Ramada Istanbul - Grand Bazar

"Our rooms has designed in a contemporary manner, furnishes all the needs of leisure and business traveler."

Savur Park Hotel Istanbul located in Old City Center is a 4 star hotel. The hotel was build in 2012 to satisfy the needs of both leisure and business. A gateway to the historical peninsula. Within easy reach by all major modes of transportation to each business, cultural, art, historical, health and shopping areas. 70 Rooms with attentive design offer high quality accommodations in good spirits. Hotel serves Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner77,5050,5070,67
StandardJun.01.2017Jun.24.2017Breakfast & Dinner61,5034,5057,00
StandardJun.25.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner77,5050,5070,67
StandardNov.01.2017Nov.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner61,5034,5057,00
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleSirkeci Konak / Sirkeci MansionCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Sirkeci Konak / Sirkeci Mansion

"This hotel has been created by a passionate team of Istanbul, inserting traditions and history."

Charming hotel built in a 19th century mansion, with modern comfort and ingenious application of an accommodation of 52 rooms, 5 of them are suites. The building was designed as a family residence of Ottoman architecture facing on to Topkapi Palace and Gulhane, combined with comtemporary facilities to serve as a boutique hotel. What an ambiance.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Standard RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast87,0060,0073,00
Standard RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast77,0047,0063,00
Standard RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast63,0036,0057,00
Standard RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast77,0047,0063,00
Standard RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast63,0036,0057,00
Standard RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast87,0060,0073,00
Superior RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast122,00122,00N/A
Superior RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast118,00118,00N/A
Superior RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast94,0094,00N/A
Superior RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast118,00118,00N/A
Superior RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast94,0094,00N/A
Superior RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast122,00122,00N/A
Deluxe RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast159,00159,00N/A
Deluxe RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast134,00134,00N/A
Deluxe RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast123,00123,00N/A
Deluxe RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast134,00134,00N/A
Deluxe RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast123,00123,00N/A
Deluxe RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast159,00159,00N/A
Family RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast123,00123,0082,00
Family RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast105,00105,0070,00
Family RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast95,0095,0063,33
Family RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast105,00105,0070,00
Family RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast95,0095,0063,33
Family RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast123,00123,0082,00
Connect RoomApr.21.2017May.01.2017Breakfast138,00138,0092,00
Connect RoomMay.02.2017May.26.2017Breakfast118,00118,0078,67
Connect RoomMay.27.2017Jun.30.2017Breakfast110,00110,0073,33
Connect RoomJul.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast118,00118,0078,67
Connect RoomNov.01.2017Dec.22.2017Breakfast110,00110,0073,33
Connect RoomDec.23.2017Jan.03.2018Breakfast138,00138,0092,00
IstanbulEurope - Nouv. VilleSumahanCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation

" Sumahan is Elegant and Comfortable, Private and Convenient, The busy city of Istanbul is there on display - on a clear day, close enough to touch - but guests of the Sumahan enjoy this panorama from the quiet privacy of a secluded waterfront."

Traditional and modern, a place of contrast and harmony, here meet together". It is an intimate hotel on the shores of the Bosphorus Asian, comfortable and surprisingly serene and harmonious at the same time, the environment is unique -Çengelköy, fairly close to the city to be accessible but far enough away to avoid Urban turbulence. The rooms -20 rooms/suites, are so soothing after a vibrant day of Istanbul, lie on the banks of Asia Bosphorus.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Loft SuiteMar.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast145,50145,50N/A
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleSura Hagia SophiaCity Hotel5 starsDetailReservation
Sura Hagia Sophia

"Centrally located in Sultanahmet area of the Historic Peninsula, Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel features an à la carte restaurant, a buffet restaurant and a bar. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and a lovely garden. Free Wi-Fi access is available. "

There are 346 rooms. All rooms at Sura Hagia Sophia have air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, fully stocked minibar, and an electiric kettle. Each has a private bathroom including a hairdryer, free toiletries and slippers. Some of the rooms have city views whereas other rooms overlook Hagia Sophia. Breakfast is served buffet style. You can try different tastes from Turkish Cuisine for lunch and dinner at Sura Kebap House, where a variety of dishes are prepared with organic vegetables and meat. You can also relax at the lounge area in front of the fireplace or rest while sipping your coffee or tea in the garden of Sura Café. There is a fully equipped fitness center.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Standard RoomApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast73,0073,0067,67
Superior RoomApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast83,5083,5075,33
Deluxe RoomApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast98,0098,0084,67
Loft RoomApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast152,00152,00N/A
Garden SuitesApr.01.2017May.26.2017Breakfast217,50217,50145,00
Garden SuitesMay.27.2017Jun.24.2017Breakfast181,50181,50121,00
Garden SuitesJun.25.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast217,50217,50145,00
Garden SuitesNov.01.2017Dec.28.2017Breakfast181,50181,50121,00
King SuitesNov.01.2016Oct.31.2017Breakfast289,50289,50211,67
IstanbulEurope - Nouv. VilleThe Ritz CarltonCity Hotel5 starsDetailReservation
The Ritz Carlton

Deluxe hotel, located at the crossroads of two continents – Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a practice in culture, hospitality and luxury. Featuring exceptional accommodations, world-class cuisine, a nurturing spa and impeccable service, this five-star Istanbul luxury hotel’s amenities and services provide an unforgettable retreat in the heart of one of the world’s most fascinating cities. The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, features a total of 244 guest rooms including 22 suites, 57 Club Level rooms and The Ritz-Carlton Suite, to enjoy impeccable service, along with indulgent touches such as feather beds and sumptuous linens for the ultimate in comfort.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Deluxe Park ViewApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast105,00105,00N/A
Deluxe Partial BosphApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast119,50119,50N/A
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleYasmak SultanCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Yasmak Sultan

"Welcome to the heart of historical Istanbul. The core of the Capital of two successive civilizations awaits you."

The hotel is located in the old city, walking distance to all major historical and interesting places. Just the name of the hotel should be enough to entice visitors to Istanbul to stay at the Yasmak Sultan Hotel. Aside of being a totally superior hotel, its location in the old town city centre of Sirkeci means that the city's most renowned historical sights are within easy walking distance. The Yasmak Sultan Hotel offers a level of accommodation similar to that of a boutique hotel.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.17.2017May.26.2017Breakfast & Dinner85,5033,5078,67
StandardMay.27.2017Jun.27.2017Breakfast & Dinner75,0026,0071,00
StandardJun.28.2017Jul.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner79,0029,0074,00
StandardAug.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner85,5033,5078,67
StandardNov.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner79,0029,0074,00
IstanbulEurope - Vieil.VilleYigitalpCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation

"Hotel Yigitalp Istanbul is superior 4 star hotel in Istanbul which is located in the centre of the old city."

This is an ideal location for Istanbul hotels & tourists, as they can reach easily to most famous historical and cultural places like Saint Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and Underground Cistern. They are all in a walking distance from the Hotel. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, central airconditioning and heating system, international direct dial telephone, minibar, satellite TV , music and hairdryer.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner58,0026,0054,00
Denizli - PamukkalePamukkaleLycus RiverThermal Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Lycus RiverLycus River Thermal Hotel is located in Pamukkale, one of the most typical Turkish cities in the western side of the country. Surrounded by nature and history, the hotel's name recalls the ancient river that used to flow from Panukkale to Karahayit. At a Short distance you can find the ancient ruins and other archeological attractions. The hotel was built on a 18.000 sqm area and offers the utmost comfort for your total relax. You will find a well-trained and friendly staff ready to make you feel like at home. You will find a wide range of facilities including a great choice of restaurants, bars and lounges to make your stay unforgettable.
Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner44,0022,0040,00
Denizli - PamukkalePamukkaleTripolis HotelCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Tripolis Hotel

Typical Pamukkale concept hotel with spa-sauna facilities, indoor & outdoor pools. Fine dining available.

160 rooms, 7 of are suites.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardNov.01.2016Dec.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner37,5018,5033,33
Carie _ LycieFethiyeAtapark HotelCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Atapark Hotel

Of Fethiye Gulf where green and blue meets with hospitable service by Fethiye devouts running the property combined with rich culinary of the region coming from the sea.

63 rooms, 20 are suites.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardNov.01.2016Apr.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner51,0025,0044,67
CappadoceUrgupGamirasu Cave HotelCity HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Gamirasu Cave Hotel

''Gamirasu Hotel is located in a restored one thousand year old Byzantine monastic retreat which offers modern conveniences without distracting from the spiritual feeling of the area which is known to have been inhabited for more than five thousand years.''

Gamirasu is the name of an exquisitely restored 30 rooms cave house opened in 1999, in Ayvali Village near Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey. The Hotel is featured in Frommer's as one of the eight unique hotels in Turkey, one of the best of the Cappadocia hotels and as a romantic escape in honeymoon and wedding magazines.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Deluxe roomApr.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast81,5065,5070,67
Family suiteApr.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast113,0090,0097,67
Cave suiteApr.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast113,0090,0097,67
Superior suiteApr.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast113,0090,0097,67
Hittite suiteApr.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast113,0090,0097,67
Eagle Nest suiteApr.01.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast140,50111,50121,00
CappadoceUrgupAbras Cave Charming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Abras Cave

''18th Century original chapel is a magnificent cave hotel.Cave used as a school during the period of the old Greek priest and history of our hotel guests a different experience of the mystic will live.''

Serving with the concept of bed and breakfast hotels and boutique hotels, cultural tourism in Cappadocia in order to provide our guests a unique site has a lot of activities

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Standard Apr.01.2017Mar.31.2018Breakfast & Dinner59,0023,0054,00
CappadoceUrgupDere Suites CappadociaCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Dere Suites Cappadocia

"Located in Urgup, Dere Suites Boutique offers cave rooms with free Wi-Fi, authentic interiors and modern amenities. Featuring a unique architecture, the property has a wine cellar and a terrace with views over the nearby villages. "

There are 20 rooms. Located in Urgup, Dere Suites Boutique offers cave rooms with free Wi-Fi, authentic interiors and modern amenities. Featuring a unique architecture, the property has a wine cellar and a terrace with views over the nearby villages. Uniquely decorated, the rooms of Dere Suites Boutique are equipped with antique furniture and handmade fabrics. All rooms have a non-allergic orthoapedic bed, a CD player and an electric kettle. The bathroom comes with Molton Brown toiletries, and a spa bath, bath tub or a shower.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
ROHApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner67,5033,5057,67
CappadoceUrgupElevres Stone HouseCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Elevres Stone House

"Elevres Stone House Hotel is located in Nevsehir. Free WiFi access is available. Each room provides air conditioning, a balcony and a patio. There is also an electric kettle. Featuring a hairdryer, private bathroom also comes with free toiletries and slippers. You can enjoy garden view from the room. Extras include a terrace, a minibar and a seating area."

There are 32 rooms. Elevres Stone House Hotel has a 24-hour front desk, a garden and a terrace. Other facilities offered at the property include a shared lounge and luggage storage. The property offers free parking.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardMar.01.2017Oct.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner47,0017,0043,67
CappadoceUrgupKayakapi Premium CavesCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Kayakapi Premium Caves

"Only just over half a kilometer to Urgup town center, Kayakapi Premium Caves is in restored historic caves. It features free Wi-Fi and elegantly-decorated suites with a fireplace and Cappadocia views."

There are 32 rooms. All rooms and suites at Kayakapi Premium Caves Cappadocia feature floor heating, HD LED TV, Nespresso machine, fireplace and iPod docking station. Some suites have a private terrace or patio. Maide Restaurant serves a rich breakfast buffet including Cappadocian and international specialties. Kayakapi Spa is located at the historic Davut Agha Mansion right next to the swimming pool and Maide Restaurant is on the lower end of Kayakapi Premium Caves. The front desk is available 24/7. Room service can be provided.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Glorious Cave SuitsMar.16.2017Jun.15.2017Breakfast128,00128,00109,00
Glorious Cave SuitsMar.16.2017Jun.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner163,50127,50145,00
Glorious Cave SuitsJun.16.2017Aug.15.2017Breakfast110,00110,0097,00
Glorious Cave SuitsJun.16.2017Aug.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner145,50110,50133,33
Glorious Cave SuitsAug.16.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast128,00128,00109,00
Glorious Cave SuitsAug.16.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner163,50127,50145,00
Glorious Cave SuitsNov.16.2017Mar.15.2018Breakfast110,00110,0097,00
Glorious Cave SuitsNov.16.2017Mar.15.2018Breakfast & Dinner145,50110,50133,33
Majestic Cave SuitsMar.16.2017Jun.15.2017Breakfast202,50202,50160,00
Majestic Cave SuitsMar.16.2017Jun.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner240,00204,00197,67
Majestic Cave SuitsJun.16.2017Aug.15.2017Breakfast169,00169,00137,67
Majestic Cave SuitsJun.16.2017Aug.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner206,50170,50175,33
Majestic Cave SuitsAug.16.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast202,50202,50160,00
Majestic Cave SuitsAug.16.2017Nov.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner240,00204,00197,67
Majestic Cave SuitsNov.16.2017Mar.15.2018Breakfast169,00169,00137,67
Majestic Cave SuitsNov.16.2017Mar.15.2018Breakfast & Dinner206,50170,50175,33
CappadoceUchisarMuseum HotelCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Museum Hotel

Our unusual 'living museum' concept means our cave rooms and specially restored traditional rooms are all decorated with priceless antiques and feature stunning views of Cappadocia-just some of the elements that go to make Museum Hotel... well, unique! As evidence of this, Museum Hotel is the only hotel in Turkey invited into the family of luxury hotels and special dining establishments that comprise Relais & Châteaux.

Museum Hotel is not an ordinary hotel, as you will experience. It has 30+ unique rooms in 6 different categories. Each room is different depending on its size, views, facilities, location, and decor.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
DeluxeApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner224,00174,00209,33
Deluxe SuitsApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast221,50221,50191,67
Deluxe SuitsApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner245,00199,00218,67
Junior SuperiorSuitsApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast238,50238,50199,00
Junior SuperiorSuitsApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner284,50239,50245,00
Superior SuitsApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast278,00278,00225,00
Superior SuitsApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner324,00279,00271,00
CappadoceUrgupMustafa Hotel City Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Mustafa Hotel

A warm welcome will always be reserved at the Hotel Mustafa

Located in the center of Urgup, Mustafa Hotel is a unique place for visits, meetings and getaway. The rooms are very comfortable and nicely furnished, the hotel also has a large terrace with swimming pool and restaurant

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner22,5011,5020,00
CappadoceUrgupTemenni EviCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Temenni Evi

''Spoil yourself in an outstanding cave hotel within strolling distance from the centre of Urgup''

Cappadocia Temenni Evi is the perfect choice for couples looking for a special place to stay, or travellers wanting somewhere sophisticated, yet homely. The luxurious furnishment reflects the elegance and comfort of its origins as a Cappadocian house

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
DeluxeApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner60,5037,5057,00
CappadoceOrtahisarThe House Hotel CappadociaCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
The House Hotel Cappadocia

"This is our guests' favourite part of Urgup, according to independent review."

There are 22 rooms. A former administration office from the 50s, the Cappadocia House is located in central Ürgüp and serves as a hotel since 1988. It offers free Wi-Fi and parking with security cameras.The rooms of the hotel are basic, but modern and clean with a local touch in the décor. They all have air conditioning, a balcony, private bathrooms with shower and flat screen satellite TVs.From the Cappadocia House guests can enjoy horse-riding and easily access the world famous structures built within the caves.The hotel is located 45 minutes from Nevsehir Airport.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Deluxe RoomApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast58,5045,50N/A
Chappelle RoomApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast71,5058,50N/A
Deluxe SuiteApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast91,5079,50N/A
Chappelle SuiteApr.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast118,00104,00N/A
CanakkaleCentre-VilleAkol HotelCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Akol Hotel

A professionally conducted 4star hotel on the Dardanelles on the waterfront looking over Gelibolu-Gallipoli, best choice for travellers to Canakkale.

138 rooms, 2 of, are suites.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardNov.01.2016Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner58,5029,5052,67
BodrumBardakciErsan Resort & SPAHoliday Village5 starsDetailReservation
Ersan Resort & SPA

" This 5-star Bodrum resort is on Aegean Sea beachfront and has rooms with private balconies. Ersan Resort has a spa with a fitness center, 5 on-site restaurants and a pool with an aquapark featuring 9 waterslides. "

Ersan Resort's bright rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Aegean Sea, botanical gardens or pool. All rooms are air-conditioned and decorated in natural colors. Windsurfing, diving and canoeing equipment is available for rent at Ersan Resort & Spa. The deck is lined with lounge chairs. Recreation options also include a cinema, tennis courts and a nightly discotheque. Guests can schedule a traditional Thai massage or skin care treatment at Ersan's Spa & Wellness Centre. Spa facilities also include a Turkish bath, indoor pool and sauna. Panorama Restaurant has daily buffets. Italian, Turkish, Mexican and fresh seafood restaurants are also available at Ersan. Cocktails are served at 5 bars, including a poolside bar.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Std Land viewApr.01.2017May.06.2017All Inclusive59,5030,50N/A
Std Land viewMay.07.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive74,5037,50N/A
Std Land viewMay.21.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive87,0044,00N/A
Std Land viewJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive107,5054,50N/A
Std Land viewJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive134,5068,50N/A
Std Land viewAug.27.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive107,5054,50N/A
Std Land viewSep.17.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive87,0044,00N/A
Std Land viewOct.01.2017Oct.14.2017All Inclusive74,5037,50N/A
Std Land viewOct.15.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive59,5030,50N/A
Std Sea SideApr.01.2017May.06.2017All Inclusive64,0064,00N/A
Std Sea SideMay.07.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive79,0079,00N/A
Std Sea SideMay.21.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive91,5091,50N/A
Std Sea SideJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive107,50107,50N/A
Std Sea SideJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive139,00139,00N/A
Std Sea SideAug.27.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive107,50107,50N/A
Std Sea SideSep.17.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive91,5091,50N/A
Std Sea SideOct.01.2017Oct.14.2017All Inclusive79,0079,00N/A
Std Sea SideOct.15.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive64,0064,00N/A
SuperiorApr.01.2017May.06.2017All Inclusive73,5073,5065,33
SuperiorMay.07.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive87,0087,0078,67
SuperiorMay.21.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive100,00100,0090,00
SuperiorJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive120,00120,00108,00
SuperiorJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive148,00148,00133,00
SuperiorAug.27.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive120,00120,00108,00
SuperiorSep.17.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive100,00100,0090,00
SuperiorOct.01.2017Oct.14.2017All Inclusive87,0087,0078,67
SuperiorOct.15.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive73,5073,5065,33
Family RoomApr.01.2017May.06.2017All Inclusive89,5089,5059,67
Family RoomMay.07.2017May.20.2017All Inclusive111,00111,0074,00
Family RoomMay.21.2017Jun.17.2017All Inclusive130,50130,5087,00
Family RoomJun.18.2017Jul.01.2017All Inclusive161,00161,00107,33
Family RoomJul.02.2017Aug.26.2017All Inclusive202,00202,00134,67
Family RoomAug.27.2017Sep.16.2017All Inclusive161,00161,00107,33
Family RoomSep.17.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive130,50130,5087,00
Family RoomOct.01.2017Oct.14.2017All Inclusive111,00111,0074,00
Family RoomOct.15.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive89,5089,5059,67
BodrumGumbetFlora Club HotelHoliday Village3 starsDetailReservation
Flora Club Hotel

''Club Hotel Flora is a beachfront complex surrounded by lush gardens, 503 m from the center of Gumbet and a kilometer from central Bodrum''

There are 70 rooms. The complex is spread around the large pool area where you can relax with a drink from the bar and soak up the sun. Club Hotel Flora also has restaurants. Children will appreciate the hotel's games room, playground and ping-pong facilities. All the rooms of Club Hotel Flora have garden or pool view and come with air conditioning, balcony and satellite TV. Services such as child minding, car rental and tour desk are designed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Free private parking and free Wi-Fi are also available to all guests.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardJun.01.2017Jun.16.2017All Inclusive41,5020,5037,00
StandardJun.17.2017Jul.03.2017All Inclusive55,5028,5049,67
StandardJul.04.2017Aug.15.2017All Inclusive70,0036,0063,00
StandardAug.16.2017Sep.17.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
StandardSep.18.2017Sep.30.2017All Inclusive50,0026,0044,67
BodrumBardakciSalmakis Beach Resort & SpaBeach Resort4 starsDetailReservation
Salmakis Beach Resort & Spa

''Located right next to the beach, this Mediterranean-style resort features a large pool complex with panoramic views of Bodrum Bay. Salmakis also has an extensive spa with hot tub, hammam and massage facilities."

Free Wi-Fi and satellite TV are available in the spacious, air-conditioned guest rooms at Salmakis Resort & Spa. They also include a bathroom with a bathtub, a balcony and a sitting area. Salmakis Resort's Ottoman restaurant serves appetizers and traditional kebabs. The Mediterranean restaurant specializes in seafood. Guests can enjoy a drink at one of 5 bars, which include a beach bar and a vitamin bar. The Salmakis Resort & Spa also has a high-tech gym with cardio fitness activities, diving facilities and tennis courts. Central Bodrum, with its marina and castle, is only 15 minutes away by foot from the resort. Milas-Bodrum International Airport is less than 30 minutes away by car. Private parking is available for free.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Garden sideApr.01.2017May.12.2017All Inclusive58,5029,5052,67
Garden sideApr.01.2017May.12.2017Breakfast & Dinner35,0018,0031,67
Garden sideMay.13.2017Jun.10.2017All Inclusive74,5037,5066,67
Garden sideMay.13.2017Jun.10.2017Breakfast & Dinner51,0026,0046,00
Garden sideJun.11.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive97,5049,5087,33
Garden sideJun.11.2017Jun.24.2017Breakfast & Dinner71,0036,0063,67
Garden sideJun.25.2017Jul.19.2017All Inclusive119,0060,00106,67
Garden sideJun.25.2017Jul.19.2017Breakfast & Dinner87,0044,0078,67
Garden sideJul.20.2017Aug.22.2017All Inclusive133,5066,50119,67
Garden sideJul.20.2017Aug.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner98,5050,5089,00
Garden sideAug.23.2017Sep.26.2017All Inclusive103,0052,0092,67
Garden sideAug.23.2017Sep.26.2017Breakfast & Dinner77,5039,5069,33
Garden sideSep.27.2017Oct.08.2017All Inclusive74,5037,5066,67
Garden sideSep.27.2017Oct.08.2017Breakfast & Dinner51,0026,0046,00
Garden sideOct.09.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive58,5029,5052,67
Garden sideOct.09.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner35,0018,0031,67
Sea sideApr.01.2017May.12.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Sea sideApr.01.2017May.12.2017Breakfast & Dinner38,5019,5034,00
Sea sideMay.13.2017Jun.10.2017All Inclusive79,0039,0070,67
Sea sideMay.13.2017Jun.10.2017Breakfast & Dinner55,5028,5049,67
Sea sideJun.11.2017Jun.24.2017All Inclusive104,0054,0094,00
Sea sideJun.11.2017Jun.24.2017Breakfast & Dinner79,0039,0070,67
Sea sideJun.25.2017Jul.19.2017All Inclusive129,0066,00116,00
Sea sideJun.25.2017Jul.19.2017Breakfast & Dinner97,5049,5087,33
Sea sideJul.20.2017Aug.22.2017All Inclusive143,5071,50129,00
Sea sideJul.20.2017Aug.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner109,5054,5097,67
Sea sideAug.23.2017Sep.26.2017All Inclusive112,0055,00100,67
Sea sideAug.23.2017Sep.26.2017Breakfast & Dinner86,0044,0077,00
Sea sideSep.27.2017Oct.08.2017All Inclusive79,0039,0070,67
Sea sideSep.27.2017Oct.08.2017Breakfast & Dinner55,5028,5049,67
Sea sideOct.09.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Sea sideOct.09.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner38,5019,5034,00
BodrumTurgutreisKadikale ResortBeach Resort5 starsDetailReservation
Kadikale Resort

"Kadikale Resort features a spa offering aromatherapy treatments and 5 swimming pools, one with a minipark. Located outside Turgutreis, it has a private beach lined with beach tents. "

There are 261 rooms. All rooms are decorated in warm tropical colours and feature a balcony fitted with patio furniture. Each air-conditioned room has a minibar and satellite TV. Aquarium restaurant has a terrace setting overlooking the Aegean Sea and serves international and local cuisine for dinner. Local beers, international wines and other beverages are available at Kadikale's 4 bars. Guests can make use of the complimentary boats and watersports and take part in canoeing or windsurfing activities. The hotel also provides a shuttle service to Bodrum. Kadikale Resort is 3 km from Turgutreis city centre and less than 20 km from Bodrum city centre.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Std Sea ViewMay.01.2017May.22.2017All Inclusive55,5028,5050,00
Std Sea ViewMay.23.2017Jun.09.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Std Sea ViewJun.10.2017Jun.20.2017All Inclusive77,5039,5069,00
Std Sea ViewJun.21.2017Jul.05.2017All Inclusive94,5045,5084,67
Std Sea ViewJul.06.2017Aug.25.2017All Inclusive127,5063,50114,67
Std Sea ViewAug.26.2017Sep.10.2017All Inclusive94,5045,5084,67
Std Sea ViewSep.11.2017Sep.27.2017All Inclusive77,5039,5069,00
Std Sea ViewSep.28.2017Oct.15.2017All Inclusive61,5031,5055,00
Std Sea ViewOct.16.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive55,5028,5050,00
BodrumYaliciftlikKempinski Hotel Barbaros BayBeach Resort5 starsDetailReservation
Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay

''Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum enjoys a quiet location, overlooking Gokova Bay. It provides luxury rooms with private balconies, 2 swimming pools, restaurants with sea views and free Wi-Fi. The hotel also has a blue-flagged private sandy beach''.

There are 173 rooms. The non-smoking rooms at the Kempinski Hotel feature stylish furnishings and modern décor. Each room has its own seating area, satellite TV and a spacious bathroom. All rooms enjoy panoramic views over the Aegean Sea.Featuring a wood-burning oven, freshly caught fish is offered at Barbarossa restaurant, and Italian meals are prepared in La Luce's open kitchen. Guests can share Asian-inspired dishes at Saigon Club, or enjoy open buffet dinner at Olive's outside terrace or 3 course set menu at Saigon , La Luce and Sundeck restaurants. Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum is conveniently located a 10-minute drive from The Mausoleum of Halikarnassus, Greek Amphitheater and Bodrum Castle.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardMay.01.2017May.18.2017Breakfast & Dinner163,0083,00N/A
StandardMay.19.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner214,00126,00N/A
StandardJun.23.2017Sep.04.2017Breakfast & Dinner314,00213,00N/A
StandardSep.05.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast & Dinner257,00171,00N/A
StandardSep.18.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner214,00126,00N/A
SuperiorMay.01.2017May.18.2017Breakfast & Dinner173,0094,00173,00
SuperiorMay.19.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner227,50142,50211,67
SuperiorJun.23.2017Sep.04.2017Breakfast & Dinner337,50236,50289,67
SuperiorSep.05.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast & Dinner275,00189,00243,67
SuperiorSep.18.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner227,50142,50211,67
Grand DeluxeMay.01.2017May.18.2017Breakfast155,00119,00146,67
Grand DeluxeMay.01.2017May.18.2017Breakfast & Dinner198,00119,00190,00
Grand DeluxeMay.19.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast214,00176,00185,33
Grand DeluxeMay.19.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner263,50178,50235,67
Grand DeluxeJun.23.2017Sep.04.2017Breakfast271,50236,50224,00
Grand DeluxeJun.23.2017Sep.04.2017Breakfast & Dinner322,50234,50274,67
Grand DeluxeSep.05.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast330,00293,00263,33
Grand DeluxeSep.05.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast & Dinner395,00293,00327,67
Grand DeluxeSep.18.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast214,00176,00185,33
Grand DeluxeSep.18.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner263,50178,50235,67
BodrumCentre-VilleManastir Hotel and SuitesCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Manastir Hotel and Suites

'' Built on the site of an 18th-century monastery, this stylish hotel boasts a striking hilltop location overlooking Bodrum Bay. The original stone gate dominates the tree-framed outdoor pool area.''

Minimum 2 Nights stay

There are 60 rooms. Manastir Hotel's restaurant has a glass-walled dining room, where guests can enjoy Turkish delicacies along with international cuisine. The on-site bar with poolside tables and a room service provide drinks and snacks throughout the day. The spacious, air conditioned rooms of the Manastir Hotel have charming wooden balconies surrounded by bougainvilleas, a sitting area and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Some include an exclusive hydro-massage bath looking over the Aegean Sea. For relaxation, Manastir offers a massage center or the in-house library. Younger guests can play in the children's pool or in the game room. Close to all the main city sights, including Bodrum Castle, M

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
Standard Land ViewApr.11.2017May.25.2017Breakfast44,0022,0039,33
Standard Land ViewApr.11.2017May.25.2017Breakfast & Dinner58,5023,5054,00
Standard Land ViewMay.26.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast53,0027,0047,33
Standard Land ViewMay.26.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner67,0027,0061,33
Standard Land ViewJun.23.2017Jul.04.2017Breakfast77,5053,5069,33
Standard Land ViewJun.23.2017Jul.04.2017Breakfast & Dinner91,5055,5083,67
Standard Land ViewJul.05.2017Sep.05.2017Breakfast70,0049,0063,00
Standard Land ViewJul.05.2017Sep.05.2017Breakfast & Dinner84,0050,0077,00
Standard Land ViewSep.06.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast64,0046,0057,67
Standard Land ViewSep.06.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast & Dinner79,0045,0071,67
Standard Land ViewSep.18.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast48,0035,0043,33
Standard Land ViewSep.18.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner62,5033,5057,67
Standard Sea ViewApr.11.2017May.25.2017Breakfast51,0026,0046,00
Standard Sea ViewApr.11.2017May.25.2017Breakfast & Dinner65,5026,5060,67
Standard Sea ViewMay.26.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast61,5031,5055,00
Standard Sea ViewMay.26.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner76,0031,0069,33
Standard Sea ViewJun.23.2017Jul.04.2017Breakfast91,5064,5082,00
Standard Sea ViewJun.23.2017Jul.04.2017Breakfast & Dinner106,0065,0097,00
Standard Sea ViewJul.05.2017Sep.05.2017Breakfast84,0059,0075,67
Standard Sea ViewJul.05.2017Sep.05.2017Breakfast & Dinner98,5059,5090,00
Standard Sea ViewSep.06.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast73,5050,5065,33
Standard Sea ViewSep.06.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast & Dinner87,0051,0079,67
Standard Sea ViewSep.18.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast55,5038,5049,67
Standard Sea ViewSep.18.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner70,0040,0064,00
Superior Sea ViewApr.11.2017May.25.2017Breakfast62,5031,5056,00
Superior Sea ViewApr.11.2017May.25.2017Breakfast & Dinner77,5032,5071,00
Superior Sea ViewMay.26.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast71,0036,0063,67
Superior Sea ViewMay.26.2017Jun.22.2017Breakfast & Dinner86,0037,0078,67
Superior Sea ViewJun.23.2017Jul.04.2017Breakfast101,5071,5091,33
Superior Sea ViewJun.23.2017Jul.04.2017Breakfast & Dinner116,0072,00105,67
Superior Sea ViewJul.05.2017Sep.05.2017Breakfast98,5068,5089,00
Superior Sea ViewJul.05.2017Sep.05.2017Breakfast & Dinner113,5069,50103,00
Superior Sea ViewSep.06.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast87,0062,0078,67
Superior Sea ViewSep.06.2017Sep.17.2017Breakfast & Dinner101,5062,5092,67
Superior Sea ViewSep.18.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast65,5046,5058,67
Superior Sea ViewSep.18.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner80,0046,0073,33
AntalyaSagalassosSagalassos Ecolodge Club & SpaCountry Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Sagalassos Ecolodge Club & Spa

''Sagalassos Lodge Hotel combines the elegance with its high standards for a peaceful holiday in a tranquil setting''

Perfectly set on the hillside of Mount Akdag, in the Western Toros mountain range, at an altitude of 1500 meters and 4km from Sagalassos archaeological site, Sagalassos Lodge Hotel is a professionally run four star hotel, just next to Aglasun city in the province of Burdur.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner77,0035,0072,33
StandardJun.01.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner84,0035,0077,00
StandardOct.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner77,0035,0072,33
AntalyaKemerSalima Club BeldibiHoliday Village5 starsDetailReservation
Salima Club Beldibi

"A lovely resort hotel complex amongst The Toros Mountains by the gentle waves of The Mediterranean offering leisure and sports activities meets all the travellers from all round the world. "

There are 410 rooms. All renovated in 2014, the air-conditioned rooms of Club Salima include a satellite TV, safety deposit box and a balcony. Private bathroom is equipped with a shower and a hairdryer. The main restaurant serves lunch and dinner in buffet style with dishes from international cuisine. Buffet breakfast comes with a freshly squeezed orange juice and Cavaliere À La Carte Restaurant offers Mediterranean specialities. Pool Bar, Mediterranean Bar and Coffee House are ideal for hot and cold drinks. Guests can benefit from the fitness centre, massage facilities and aerobics. A playground, children's pool and a Mini Club are available. You can enjoy activities such as air gun, darts, table tennis and billiards. Antalya Airport is 48 km from

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.07.2017Apr.28.2017All Inclusive37,5018,5033,67
StandardApr.29.2017May.19.2017All Inclusive44,0022,0040,00
StandardMay.20.2017Jun.02.2017All Inclusive55,5028,5050,67
StandardJun.03.2017Jun.23.2017All Inclusive73,5036,5066,67
StandardJun.24.2017Jul.14.2017All Inclusive82,0041,0074,67
StandardJul.15.2017Jul.28.2017All Inclusive87,0044,0079,67
StandardJul.29.2017Aug.25.2017All Inclusive100,0050,0091,67
StandardAug.26.2017Sep.15.2017All Inclusive87,0044,0079,67
StandardSep.16.2017Sep.29.2017All Inclusive73,5036,5066,67
StandardSep.30.2017Oct.06.2017All Inclusive55,5028,5050,67
StandardOct.07.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive37,5018,5033,67
Family roomApr.07.2017Apr.28.2017All Inclusive63,0063,0042,00
Family roomApr.29.2017May.19.2017All Inclusive74,5074,5049,67
Family roomMay.20.2017Jun.02.2017All Inclusive91,5091,5061,00
Family roomJun.03.2017Jun.23.2017All Inclusive118,00118,0078,67
Family roomJun.24.2017Jul.14.2017All Inclusive130,50130,5087,00
Family roomJul.15.2017Jul.28.2017All Inclusive139,00139,0092,67
Family roomJul.29.2017Aug.25.2017All Inclusive158,50158,50105,67
Family roomAug.26.2017Sep.15.2017All Inclusive139,00139,0092,67
Family roomSep.16.2017Sep.29.2017All Inclusive118,00118,0078,67
Family roomSep.30.2017Oct.06.2017All Inclusive91,5091,5061,00
Family roomOct.07.2017Oct.31.2017All Inclusive63,0063,0042,00
Room TypePromotion DateDiscount
Family roomJun.03.2017 to Jun.10.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 6 Nuits et sejournée 7 Nuits...
StandardJun.03.2017 to Jun.10.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 6 Nuits et sejournée 7 Nuits...
Family roomJun.03.2017 to Jun.10.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 12 Nuits et sejournée 14 Nuits...
StandardJun.03.2017 to Jun.10.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 12 Nuits et sejournée 14 Nuits...
Family roomJun.03.2017 to Jun.10.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 18 Nuits et sejournée 21 Nuits...
StandardJun.03.2017 to Jun.10.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 18 Nuits et sejournée 21 Nuits...
Family roomOct.07.2017 to Oct.31.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 6 Nuits et sejournée 7 Nuits...
StandardOct.07.2017 to Oct.31.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 6 Nuits et sejournée 7 Nuits...
Family roomOct.07.2017 to Oct.31.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 12 Nuits et sejournée 14 Nuits...
StandardOct.07.2017 to Oct.31.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 12 Nuits et sejournée 14 Nuits...
Family roomOct.07.2017 to Oct.31.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 18 Nuits et sejournée 21 Nuits...
StandardOct.07.2017 to Oct.31.2017.....Offre Spéciale.. payez 18 Nuits et sejournée 21 Nuits...
AntalyaCentre-VilleAlp Pasa HotelCharming HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Alp Pasa Hotel

''In Antalya's historic quarter 92 m from the Broken Minaret, this hotel offers Ottoman-style rooms and it's own open-air museum. The hotel has a private courtyard with a mosaic terrace and swimming pool.'' .

There are 50 rooms. Each air-conditioned room at Alp Pasa Hotel is individually decorated. Standard amenities include a satellite plasma TV, and some include a spa tub. Alp Pasa's restaurant features a cozy fireplace and serves a varied buffet each day. During the summer, guests can dine on the poolside terrace. Snacks and cocktails are served at the poolside bar. Alp Pasa is less than half a kilometer from Antalya City Museum, and is a 5-minute walk from Mermerli Beach. Hadrian's Gate is 92 m away. Old Town Kaleici is a great choice for travelers interested in museums, old-town exploration and history.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner46,0010,0041,67
StandardJun.01.2017Jul.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner53,0024,0048,00
StandardJul.16.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner57,0026,0052,00
StandardOct.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner53,0024,0048,00
Deluxe RoomApr.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast46,0023,0041,00
Deluxe RoomApr.01.2017May.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner53,0024,0048,00
Deluxe RoomJun.01.2017Jul.15.2017Breakfast53,0027,0047,33
Deluxe RoomJun.01.2017Jul.15.2017Breakfast & Dinner59,5027,5055,00
Deluxe RoomJul.16.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast50,0026,0044,67
Deluxe RoomJul.16.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner57,0026,0052,00
Deluxe RoomOct.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast53,0027,0047,33
Deluxe RoomOct.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner59,5027,5055,00
AntalyaCentre-VilleKhan HotelCity Hotel4 starsDetailReservation
Khan Hotel

Best hotel of 4star properties in Antalya located in city center of BestWestern chain. The amenities and service quality of Khan is appreciated by world travellers in travel industry favour The Mediterranean for holiday.

120 rooms including the suites.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
StandardApr.01.2017Apr.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner44,0022,0039,33
StandardMay.01.2017Jun.24.2017Breakfast & Dinner50,0026,0044,67
StandardJun.25.2017Sep.30.2017Breakfast & Dinner55,5028,5050,00
StandardOct.01.2017Oct.31.2017Breakfast & Dinner44,0022,0039,33
AmasyaTashan OtelCity HotelSpecial Cat.DetailReservation
Tashan Otel
Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
AdanaSeyhan OtelCity Hotel5 starsDetailReservation
Seyhan Otel

Located in one of the leading trade centers of Turkey, Adana. A 5-Star comfort in international standards with 138 rooms -116 standard, 20 Junior Suites and 2 Suites..Non-smokers and the disabled rooms/facilities available.

77 rooms, 6, are suites, 2 aparts. City view is available.

Room TypeFromToAccommodationPer Person
in Double
Per Person
in Triple
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