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BodrumExcursionPRIENE - MILETUS - DIDYMAReservation
Start Time : 07:00 / 07:30
Departure Day : Daily   
Priene - Miletus - Didyma
CategoryDeparture Date(s)Per Person
1 - 2 pers.Daily Departure - From Jan.01.2019 to Dec.31.2019278
3 - 4 pers.Daily Departure - From Jan.01.2019 to Dec.31.2019231
General Features
This excursion focuses on three important ancient cities of the Aegean: Miletus, the birthplace of several philosohers; Didyma, one of Antiquity's most sacred place; and Priene, an early example of town planning.

Minimum 2 person required.
Tour Program
Morning, drive to Priene, which was one of the most active ports of the Ionian Confederacy, to visit the oldest city laid out on a (hippodamian) grid plan with the Temple of Athena, the Agora, the Bouleuterion, the Prytaneion, the Theatre... Continue to Miletus, home for philosophers such as Thales, Anaximander, Anaximemes and the town planner Hippodamus. You will visit the site which includes the Theatre, the Baths of Faustina, the Gymnasium, the Nymphaeum... Miletus was connected by a Sacred Road to the sanctuary of Didyma where you will discover the colossal Temple of Apollo where crowds of pilgrims came to consult the oracle. Lunch during sightseeing. Drive back to Bodrum.

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